Friday, 9 September 2011

Music Quiz - Second Lesson

To begin our introduction to Music Videos, in the second lesson since we came back our class split into groups and made the lessons fun, whilst learning by taking part in the quiz.

The quiz included many different aspects to music, we learnt budgets of some music videos.
The most expensive music video made we learnt was Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson's video made for their duet song Scream, made in 1995 the Budget for this Video was $7,000,000 making it the number 1 in the 10 largest music video budgets in the world. 
During the quiz we also learnt of music videos that have been banned from been seen on T.V or music channels such as MTV, two of them being the iconic Cher And Madonna. Cher's music video for her song in 1989 ' If I Could Turn Back Time' due to controversy over her revealing outfit worn in the video, MTV later relented and played the video after 9pm. 
Madonna's video for 'Justify My Love' in 1990 was banned after it's release on MTV due to the things included such as Bisexuality, Sadomasochism and Erotic and Sexual references, here is a link to Newspaper article about the Banned Video.,,285759,00.html
The music quiz introduced us to different genres of music, including Rock, Heavy Metal, R&B, Pop and many more. Some videos like heavy metal and rock tend to focus more on the narrative of the song when making their music videos.

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