Friday, 7 October 2011

Music Vid Class Comparison - Sean Kingston- Party All Night & Professor Green - Read All About It Feat Emelia Sande

During one of our class lessons we compared two music videos, Sean Kingston - Party All Night & Professor Green  - Read All About It. They are both from different music back grounds, with Professor Green being more Rap style genre and Sean Kingston R&B Pop genre, making the comparison in video style, shots and editing more interesting. 

Sean Kingston  was born in 1990 he is a Jamaican American R&B Pop singer. He began his music career in 2007 with his debut album titled after his own name like many first albums " Sean Kingston". Then in 2009 he released his album " Tomorrow" which featured hits " Face Drop" and "Fire Burning". Kingston is still working on his third album which features "Party All Night" which was released in the USA on December the 21st 2010. 

The video for Party All Night is approximately (3:52). In the video I think there are not a good variety of shots used. However out of some of the shots here the main ones we noted. A slow pan is used when we see the party beginning in the video at (0:57) the slow pan used helps highlight the different genders and ethnicity used in the video, as the pan happens words bounce on to the screen highlighting the lyrics, this is one of the effects we noticed. We also noticed that mid-shots and mid-close ups are used during the video, a mid-close up is used at the beginning of the video when his phone appears on screen, showing us the party's are happening. There are some cut away's seen when he is putting shoes up. The most frequent shot used was long shots this could have been due to him not having the conventional artist body or size of his body maybe. The use of long shots through most of Kingston's videos could tie in with Missy Elliot and her video, Missy Elliot is famous for using a fish eye lens in her videos and not many close ups or mid shots. "Party all night" i think is a performance/narrative video.  

In comparison to this Professor Green is a British MC/Rapper, he released his debut album in Alive Till Im Dead in 2010 which features songs " I need you tonight" , " Just be good to green" featuring Lily Alan, " Jungle" & " Monster". 

His current single is "Read All About It" which features Emeli Sande is mainly about his relationship with his parents especially his dad, the video for this song is almost like a mini film telling the story of his young life with his dad and mum, making the video a narrative video. Performance aspect also occurs in this video where we see Emeli Sande singing and Professor Green rapping the camera cuts to a black room with just them in it adding the performance element. 

Unlike Party All Night there are a good variety of shots used in this video. At (0:06) there is a side shot used with light shining focusing just on Professor Green, we then see a slow pan around an establishing shot of a house in a dark area. The most frequent ones are close ups and mid shots on Emeli Sande and Professor Green when they are singing the camera clearly focuses on them, giving them the importance. There are point of view shots used at (0:19) and (0:47), when we presumably see him as a little boy, the lyrics tie in very good with narrative aspect of the video at this point. There are also a lot of cuts between shots used, between the narrative and the performance. Also used is a shaky camera, this can help add to the realism in the video, giving more verisimilitude to the video and the song.   

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