Thursday, 13 October 2011

Marking Emmie Bryett's A2 Blog - BackStreet Boys

Me and Mel worked together to do this, we decided on Emmie Bryett's blog as we are planning on working on a Boy band for our A2 Coursework. 

Research & Planning : 

Excellent research into similar products and potential target audience. 
The posts done between July and September mainly focus on the metal genre with specific focus on the sub-genre Heavy Metal. The 10 deconstruction on music videos are good as there wide spread across genres, however lack few bits if detail. 
The case studies on bands such as Queen and Guns and Roses show in depth research towards different bands from different genres. 
Up until January the main focus seemed to be rock, this research seemed to be good.
Clear evidence of changed ideas were blogged on from January onwards, when they changed their idea to Boy Bands, the research and planning they showed was well thought out, clearly stating their change in ideas. - For this we give Excellent

Excellent organisation of actors, locations, costumes or props. 
The post done were detailed and not just written they used things like vodcast's and interviews, for the casting to identify who was going to be in the music vid, showing they have clearly thought this through. 
For the target audience they did a video and uploaded that to blog, interviewing potential target audiences. 
Detailed posts on costume, they highlighted and posted blogs on the difficulties they faced during filming. - We marked this as Proficient. 

Excellent work on shot lists, layouts, drafting, scripting or story board. 
Call sheets were used in order to indentify shot types, these were put on the blog using scripted, and they also have posts on story boards and call sheets, which are detailed. 
For this we give Proficient. 

Time Management. 
Judging by their rough cuts they didn't start filming until February, they had a set back when cast members couldn't be in it, but apart from that we give this excellent. 

Level of care in presentation and presentation on research and planning. 
Overall we think the presentation is good, the information is correct and accurate and involves references and links to You Tube. They have a various range of multimedia in posts. They included pictures of everything they have done, especially when they were introducing the digi pack, which was a good form of evidence. The only bad thing we had a bad thing was how small the side bar was. They included vodcast's, podcast in posts instead of just writing, this is a good form of digital use and multimedia.  - We gave this Excellent. 

The communication skills were good as the blog was easy to read and navigate, also their blog was direct and too the point. 

Overall we would give this a mark of 17/20


  1. Good level of detail (and pretty accurate comments!) ... but what about an actual mark /20?!

  2. needs hyperlink to content discussed!
    same point as before on using underline for sub-headings: yuck! change font/colour/bold


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