Friday, 7 October 2011

Making The Class Video - Hello

As a class we pitched our ideas for a class video, and then we voted on who we thought had the best idea and in the end decided on Tom's idea of Hello by Martin Solveig.
Tom began as the director of the video allocating roles to different members of the group during class time, however after time, Gina took over as the director due to difficulties.
After deciding on who was going to take on which role from the original video, we then decided as a class how long we were going to make the video, in the end we decided to cut the video from its original length of 4:41 to 2:40 because of time circumstances. 

We focused our remake of the video on the original changing a few things,however we kept the idea of a tennis match. To make it more funny and original, for example in the Original Music Video there was a character simply called " She" to make our version more funny we had Tom as the "she" dressed up as a girl.  We used lip syncing for the "Hello" and "Hey" and one verse. Overall it took us 3 lessons and a few frees to complete the filming of the footage.

However we did have a few problems when filming with people not being here or turning up, this was most probably due to our lack of organisation to begin with, reasons for our lack of organisation were most probably because we didn't have a leader of the group to make sure we all turned up at a certain time with the correct props and costume. A call sheet would also have been helpful but as it was just a practice we didnt put one together, however next time espessially for our coursework music  video we shall all be putting together call sheets, to make things run more smoothly and effectivley.

Improvements for next time will be :
  1. Produce a call sheet before filming for effective organisations and less time consuming when filming.
  2. Have a leader, during class productions someone who is strong and has good organisation skills
  3. Work more as a team, and co-operate more with each other and listen to each other more.
  4. Have back up people for roles just incase people are not here.
Roles we included and allocated to people were :
"She" - Played by Tom
Manager - Played by Dave 
Tennis Players - Gina,Harry,Rob and Sam
Ball Boy - Will 
Umpire - Kyle 
Girl Fans - Me, Jess and Mel 

After we had filmed the footage we were then split up into pairs and put the footage on certain macs for our pair and then began to edit our own version for the class to see.

Below is the edit that Me, Jess and Sam made : 

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