Thursday, 13 October 2011

Evaluating and Marking Music Vid From Last Years A2

During class the latest task we had been given in order to get us ready for A2 coursework, was to mark a piece of A2 coursework from last years A2 media group, in order to help us do this we had to use the mark scheme given to us, and attempt to grade the work. The music video which was assigned to me was the coursework of George Scaife and Elizabeth McPhail, their video was " Land Down Under" by Men At Work.  

Holding a shot steady, when appropriate. 
For this category i gave George and Elizabeth Excellent. I gave this because through out the video, the camera is kept still where and when appropriate. However there are times when this is not the case, but it seems to have been done deliberate, and not just a case of rubbish camera work. A steady shot is used at the start (0:12). 
Framing a shot, including and excluding elements as appropriate.
For this category i gave Proficient. I gave this because i believed the shot at (2:36) was a very good example of framing, this is the shot which includes one of the characters of the video and a Koala bear, and included in the shot is a sign which states "Koalas Next 4KM". On the other hand an example of less than perfect framing is scene on the moorside. This however could just of been a difficulty surrounding a low budget. 
Using a variety of shot distances as appropriate.
For this category i gave Excellent. I gave this because some of the variation in shot distances are good, and are used quite frequently, an example of this is between (0:52 & 0:57), this is because the sequence changes quickly in distances throughout the shot, whilst at the same time showing the scene in a period time length of 5 seconds approx. 
Selecting Mise-en-scene including colour,figure, lighting, objects and setting. 
For this one i gave Excellent. I gave this because this song is quite hard is find excellent mise-en-scene for, however they achieve an excellence by the Australian objects and item use, to set the scene. They have successfully selected times to film in order to make you feel more like your in australia with the weather and climate of when they filmed, as it always seemed to be nice or sunny, (2:18) is a good example of when they carefully selected Misc-en-scene. 
Editing so that the meaning is apparent to viewer. 
I gave this one Excellent. Generally i think the editing worked well for this video, a good use of effects were used however a more appropriate effect could have been used during (0:37) as i didn't really understand why the effect was used for this part, this for me is the reason i gave excellent.
Using varied shot transitions, captions and other effects selectively and appropriately.
Excellent, i gave this view as there were not a lot of shot transitions used during the video, but when they were used they were used correctly and added good effects and flow to the video. There are a lot of jump cuts used which work very well for me. 

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