Monday, 10 October 2011

My Final Pitch Idea - N'Sync - Gone

"Gone" is the second single from 'N Sync's third studio album, Celebrity. The single debuted on the band's 2001 Pop Odyssey World Tour, during the summer of 2001. The commercial release of the single didn't occur until Summer 2001. Directed by Herb Ritts and filmed in August 2001, the video wasn't released until late September because of the terrorist attacks of 9/11The video is in black and white, and has shots similar to Charlie Chaplin-esque footage. The video is a mixture of flashbacks of Justin Timberlake's video girlfriend and his world currently, all filmed in an apartment. The video shows flashbacks of his girlfriend's birthday party, and random parts in their apartment where emotional moments taken place." - Wikipedia 

Idea : 
My first idea which I recently pitched today in class was for the N'sync song " Gone". I am looking to do your typical love scenario. Firstly i am going to arrange and put together hopefully 5 boys, to form my version of N'sync for my music video. My video will be telling the story of a teenage boy ' one member of the group' possibly the lead, who has recently lost someone he loves. 
I am going to begin the video with a montage of pictures of the two of them previously when they were happy, i haven't yet decided if i am going to put the pictures in black and white or colour. 
The scene will then fade out to our lead boy of the group sat in a room maybe looking through these pictures around a room. 

I am also going to use flashbacks and memories as a basis for the video. To signify these are flashbacks i am going i am going to put the scenes in black and white, and then to signify the memories i am going to fade out white maybe. Some locations of flashbacks and memories could be the park, a restaurant, birthdays parties etc. 
In one part i am going to use a scene hopefully where he is looking in the mirror, but instead of seeing his reflection he sees the girls, connoting he cant forget about her, and he sees her everywhere he goes. 
In a twist for the ending of the video instead just having the conventional love/break up story for the video which is what the original by N'sync shows. I am going to hint/show that she has died not just left by having one member of the band going to the cemetery to place flowers on a grave. 
Misc en Scene: 
I am going to modernize the video a lot more, making it different from the original version of the video by N'sync. I am going to have the members of the band wearing baggy jeans, and low cut v neck tops maybe, haven't quite decided on the tops yet. 

The colours are going to be either caramel, grey,brown, black very modern colors and clothes. I think the only black and white i am going to have is during flashbacks. I am going to be using plenty of settings, such as Park, Cemetery, Nice House ( modern), Streets of Ilkley maybe, i will need to use somewhere like a restaurant so maybe a dining room of a house, Bathroom in a house etc. 

Below is the original video for 'Gone' by Nysnc:

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    good work so far ellie, tho' more detail needed for some posts - look at the various posts I said should be created for track/artist, and think through some of this in more detail (and using more sources)


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