Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song

Artist - Bruno Mars
Year - 2011
Type - Performance/Narrative
Audience - Teenagers, mainly girls
Genre - Reggae, Jawaiian & R&B/Pop
Producer-  The Smeezingtons

The Lazy Song was written and performed by American singer/song writer Bruno Mars. It was released as his third single from his debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans  on February 15th 2011. The song went on become number 1 in the UK, this made Bruno have his fourth number one in the United Kingdom.

The music video features men, dressed a chipmunks, with the masks to disguise their faces. The whole video is basically one continuous shot, which holds similarities to Green Days video Redundant with it being just one continuous and uninterupted shot. The shots focus on Bruno singing in a bedroom and a living room. We then see the people who are diguised as chimps dancing, messing around, mimicking the lyrics to the song.

The opening shot is of Bruno's face covered by his hands, which cover the rest of the screen,we then see the hands shuffling around the camera, before the lense and camera move out,to reveal 5 men dressed up as chimps, surrounding him. Everyone in the shot are wearing the same, clothes but different clours and same  glasses.

At 0.07 seconds the music begins, we then see a medium shot of Bruno and the chimps dancing around nodding the head to the song. The use of monkeys is to attract a child and teenage audience appealing to both boys and girls and is origional as it hasnt been done before.Unlike most music videos there isnt fast paced editing. Instead of the camera moving around the people, the people are moving around the camera, signifying the home video effect.
The mise-en-scene in the room signifies a edroom with a bed, sofa and we can denote from the guitar and skateboard it is supposed to be a boys room played by Bruno in the video singing about how 'today I dont feel like doing anything' which is something that is associated with teens for their laziness, but also with everyone on some days.

The video was originally directed by Bruno Mars himself, and Cameron Duddy.

Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song [Official Video] from Cameron Duddy on Vimeo.

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