Friday, 9 September 2011

Mini Video - Jason Donavon

Mini Video - Jason Donavon

Unfortunately i missed a week of school so i missed out on the Britney Day where the two media groups re-created their own version of the classic Hit Me Baby One More Time and an introduction to the Final Cut program we will be using to edit our music videos. However In order to help us get to grips with making a music video in the build up too our coursework next year, we split into groups of 5 and chose 1 song out of 3 that we were given to make a mini vid for. My group only started filming on Friday for our song Jason Donavon ' Too Many Broken Hearts In The World' so we are a little bit behind, we are going to film a few more clips on Monday and then begin editing using Final Cut, which is a more advanced program to I Movie which we used last year for our Film Opening.

For our Mini-Vid we decided to make the video cheesy and not really focus on a strict story telling narrative, we had Maddy dress as a boy with a fake mustache, rather than having a boy to make it more funny and free, rather than the plain old narrative of Boy meets girl, and one of them end up heartbroken.
When filming our Mini-Vid we are also getting to grips with the new HD cameras we are going to use next year.

Here is the video too Jason Donavon - Too Many Broken Hearts  taken from Youtube.

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