Wednesday, 14 September 2011

David Guetta - Where Them Girls At

Artists - David Guetta, Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida
Year - 2011
Genre - Electro House/ Hip Hop
Producer - Sandy Vee & David Guetta
Type - Performance/Narrative
Audience - Teenagers

"Where Them Girls At" was released on May 2nd 2011, it is a song by French DJ David Guetta, featuring vocals from Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida. It is the lead single from Guetta's album Nothing But The Beat.

Initially, "Where Them Girls At" was recorded in 2010 and featured just Flo Rida, however after getting into touch with Minaj about a collaboration, Guetta played Minaj the record and she decided to record vocals for it. Computer hackers obtained an a cappella version of the song and added their own production before leaking the song online. - Wikipeadia

The music video was filmed in LA in May 2011 and released in June. In the UK Charts " Where them girls at" debuted at number 3 giving Guetta his 12th top twenty hit.

The beginning of the video we here what appears to be a radio in the background, we then see a pan shot of giant bubbles drifting across the streets of LA, with the music notes clearly seen in them, the camera switches between close ups and leads into an establishing shots. When people burst the bubbles they begin to dance uncontroably to the beat.

The camera cuts between scenes of LA and then stops at what appears to be a hotel poolside, where the camera then pans along groups of girls in bikinis presumably sun bathing, signyfying the sunny weather or climate, whilst also showing the girls as sex symbols, as we see Flo Rida walking through being the only man checking the girls out.

At 0:55 seconds Flo Rida being to rap his part of the song, with the camera now focusing on Flo Rida, stood against the wall, with his " crew" of male friends checking the girls out that walk past. The camera keeps cutting to scenes of the girls in bikinis dancing uncontroably to the beat of the song, then cuts back to Flo Rida.

During the chorus there are alot of point of view shots, long shots, and close ups used, an example of a close up used is at 1:22 on the phone, maybe advertising a phone for sony erricson. There are also pan shots of the LA streets.

The scene then cuts to Nicki Manaj's when she sings her verse, in an art gallery with male models surrounding her. The dancers beind dance almost robotic to the beat of the song, with Niki Manaj in the center it can represent dominance of her. Smaller bubbles are seen coming from her mouth, representing music notes.

David Guetta is then seen 2:24 on the roof top with again girls surrounding him like Flo Rida, turning tables, and creating bubbles. The bubbles that Guetta produces to the music for the video, attract people to his " party" on the roof especially girls.

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