Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sample Footage

On monday we filmed a sample scene in order to help the class and our media teacher develop more of an understanding towards our music video idea. In order to film the sample scene we used Harry Knight and Sophie Dixon, as our couple and Harry was the main lead of the band. We filmed the scenes for the first 3 verses of our song Gone, mainly for us to see if our idea would work and for the audience feedback.

After we gained the feedback we understood that we need to make a few changes, such as having a seperate couple boy and girl to show the narrative and just have the boyband in the performance side, instead of having the male lead member playing the narrative aswel. We also learnt that for the performance side we should have a different location for example some where like the moors which was used as part of the Backstreet Boys video from last years A2 group. 

Untitled from Melodie Abraham on Vimeo.

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