Thursday, 24 November 2011

MA - Re-Pitch

On Friday we had to re-pitch our coursework idea and show any changes we have made and how we have developed our idea. My group chose to do a power point to go along with our pitch.We have changed slightly from when Ellie pitched her idea. The idea goes as follows.

We are using the song 'Gone' by band 'NSYNC. Our cast will be 4/5 boys around the age of 17. We are still unsure of the number as we still have yet to finalise our boy band. We will also be using a girl around the same age for the role of 'Girlfriend'. We are planning to use one member of the band as the lead and the girl will play his girlfriend.

Our idea is that the boy is remembering his time with the girl. They were in love and he is singing about the happy times they had together. Our idea is to have the present day and also have flashbacks of when the couple were together as if the boy is remembering them in his head. We are wanting to start the video with a shot of loads of pictures of the couple together. We have chosen a few scenes to try and keep the video interesting. The locations we are going to use are;

a house- this would be the main location. We are going to film most of the scenes of the lead boy lip-syncing and a few of the flashbacks. Also the group performances.

the park- we will use this for a flashback of the couple walking through the park holding hands.

a restaurant (possibly)- this is another flashback idea This is not set in stone as we are not sure if we will be able to have access to one when we are wanting to film.

For the ending we want to shock the audience a little bit by showing that the girl has actually died. We needed to find a way of suggesting this without showing her dead body. We have decided that there are a few ways we could show the audience that she is dead. One could be having the lead boy laying flowers on a grave stone. Another could be him carrying an urn an scattering the ashes somewhere. Another could be him opening an invitation to a funeral/wake. We need to decide which one of these will look better.

When we pitched this to the class we think they liked our idea and gave us some positive feedback, saying it was good and they liked the ending. They also gave us some more flashback ideas such as using a flashback of the girlfriend cooking him a romantic meal and then cutting to a shot of him eating alone. Another idea was to have him sat watching telly and then the light bulb to go out- this could be seen as a metaphor that she was the 'light of his life'.

The next step is for us to film some sample footage nd get some audience feedback on that.

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