Wednesday, 9 November 2011

MA - General Codes & Conventions Of Music Videos

Codes and Convetions

After looking at the different music videos I have a list of some basic rules many of these videos followed.

  1. Lip-syncing - the artist or band sing towards to camera, this is very common in genres such as pop and r&b.
  2. Short takes- this is done to keep the audience interested.
  3. Performance- this is one of the two main aspects that i have seen in the videos.
  4. A storyline- many of the videos followed a story.
  5. Choreography- Very typical in pop and r&b genres
  6. Male gaze- Having attractive woman on screen to appeal to the male audience.
  7. Shot variation- This is again done to kep interest with the target audience.
  8. Cross Cutting- Especially used when there is both concept and narrative- used togo between both parts.

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