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EF- Director Case Study : Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze was born on October 22nd in 1969, he is an American director, producer and actor. Over the years his work has included directing media such as Music Video, Commercials,Film and Television.  He has also co-founded Directors Label with film makers and directors Chris Cunningham & Michel Gondry. Jonze is best known for his collaborations with writer Charlie Kaufman, which included the film "Being John Malkovich" in 1999, this gave him the nomination for Academy Award For Best Director.
Jones is also known for the 2002 film Adaptation and direction of the 2009 film "Where The Wild Things Are" which became Jonze most anticipated film to date and gained a place on the end of year top ten list, he also directed the film." Adaptation" all these films and many more were nominated or won Oscars and Golden Globes. 

In 2002 Jonze was the co-creator and executive producer of MTV'S Jackass The Movie. Aswel as directing or producing films Jonze has also acted in the film " Three Kings" along side Hollywood known actors such as George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg & Ice Cube which was directed by his friend David O.Russell in 1999. 

Jonze's born Adam Spiegel, is also well known for his directing collaborations in Music Videos for the Beastie Boys which included "Sabotage" in 1994, "Ricky's Theme in 1994", "Sure Shot in 1994" & "Time For Livin in 1993", Weezer which included the videos for "Buddy Holly in 1993", "Islands in the sun in 2002", & Bjork which included video for "Its oh so quiet" in 1995. Jonze has also directed the video " Its all about the Benjamin's" for music Icon P.Diddy or at the time the video was made Puff Daddy in 1997. 

More recently Jonze's directed the video for Jay Z & Kanye West's video for their collaboration "Otis" this year, aswel as another Beastie Boys video " Don't play no game that I cant win". 

Since 2007 Jonze has been the creative director at, this is an online television network supplied by vice and funded by MTV. In July of 2009 Jonze gained the rights to make a film version of Shane Jones novel " Light Boxers", however in 2010 Shane Jones in a magazine article claimed the film option had been dropped. 

Music Videos Spike Jonze has been involved in - Source Wikipedia 

1992"High in High School"Chainsaw Kittens
"100%"Sonic Youth
1993"Cannonball"The BreedersCo-directed by Kim Gordon
Produced by Steve Reiss
"Country at War"X
"Daughters of the Kaos"Luscious Jackson
"Hang On"Teenage Fanclub
"Time for Livin'"Beastie Boys
1994"All About Eve"Marxman
"Buddy Holly"Weezer
"Ditch Digger"Rocket from the Crypt
"Divine Hammer"The Breeders
"Feel the Pain"Dinosaur Jr.
"I Can't Stop Smiling"Velocity Girl
"If I Only Had a Brain"MC 900 Ft. Jesus
"Old Timer"that dog.
"Ricky's Theme"Beastie Boys
"Sabotage"Also writer
"Sure Shot"
"Undone - The Sweater Song"Weezer
"Car Song"Elastica
"Crush with Eyeliner"R.E.M.
"Freedom of '76"Ween
"It's Oh So Quiet"Björk
"The Diamond Sea"Sonic Youth
"Who Is Next?"Wax
1996"Drop"The Pharcyde
1997"Da Funk"Daft Punk
"Elektrobank"The Chemical Brothers
"It's All About the Benjamins" (Rock Remix)Puff Daddy
"Liberty Calls"Mike Watt
"Shady Lane"Pavement
"Sky's the Limit"The Notorious B.I.G.
1998"Home"Sean Lennon
"Praise You"Fatboy SlimA Torrance Public Film Production
"Root Down" version 2Beastie Boys
2000"Weapon of Choice"Fatboy Slim
"What's Up, Fatlip?"Fatlip
"Wonderboy"Tenacious DAs Marcus Von Bueler
2002"Island in the Sun" (version 2)Weezer
"Guess I'm Doing Fine"Beck
"It's in Our Hands"Björk
2003"Big Brat"Phantom Planet
2004"Get Back"Ludacris
"Y Control"Yeah Yeah Yeahs
2005"Triumph of a Heart"Björk
2008"Flashing Lights"Kanye WestCo-directed with West
2009"Heaven"UNKLECo-directed with Ty Evans
"25"AsDSSkaCo-directed with Crysal Moselle
2010"Drunk Girls"LCD SoundsystemCo-directed with James Murphy
"The Suburbs"Arcade Fire
2011"Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win"Beastie Boys
"Otis"Jay-Z & Kanye West

Some Other Films Of Spike Jonze : Source Wikipedia 

1993Mi Vida LocaActor
1997The Game
Free TibetCinematographer
1999Three KingsActor
2001Human NatureProducer
Keep Your Eyes OpenActor
2002Jackass: The MovieProducer, Featured
2006Jackass: Number TwoProducer, Featured
The Fall
2008Synecdoche, New YorkProducer
Heavy Metal in Baghdad
2009The 1 Second FilmProducer, Appearing
2010Jackass 3DProducer, Appearing
Higglety Pigglety Pop! or There Must Be More to LifeProducer, Appearing

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