Thursday, 3 November 2011

FishEye Lens

FishEye Lens:
When filming directors may choose to use a Fisheye Lens, this could also be known as a wide angle lens. The first kind of fisheye lens to be used was the a "circularr fisheye lens", this lens took a 180 degree angle and and projected this as a circle withing the frame.
These kind of lens are mainly used when filming R&B music videos and in some cases Hip hop. An example of when a fisheye lens is used is during Missy Elliot's video for "Supa Dupa Fly" which was produced by Hype Williams, the fisheye lens after this video was made, was then known as Hype Williams signature.

The first Music video to be shot using a fisheye lens was the Beastie Boys " Shake your rump" in 1989.

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