Monday, 27 February 2012

EF - Changes To The Cast

Due to feedback given to us, we had decided to cut one of the members from our Boy Band for the performance, due to him not taking things seriously. Unfortunately we have also recently had to find another 2 new members of the band to replace 2 original members as due to work and school commitments they do not have time to film any more and we are cutting it fine waiting around for them, so we have decided to find 2 new members to make up the band, resulting in us having to find 3 new members and leaving us with 1 original member. 

So far our Boy band consists of Temour Ahmed who is a student in our year, Jeremy Whitehead who is also a student in our year and Kieran Mitchell who is also a member of our 6th form year group. We are still however looking for a forth member to fill the band, we have someone in mind and are hoping he agrees. 

For the narrative we are using 2 members of our year group Charlie Deller for our lead boy and Sophie Dixon for our main girl, Sophie is also a media student. 

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  1. we need to get this wrapped up, with a final cut for marking this friday, so be pragmatic
    be as clear and specific as possible with info on what it involves, including filming time AND any practice/rehearsal
    use a classroom/space to take cast through any moves/lines/'acting' (body language) BEFORE filming, will help shoot to go faster
    you should mention jem's past boyband record!!!


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