Friday, 24 February 2012

EF - Audience Feedback

We put together a opening sequence for our music vid during last week which lasted approximately a minuet and will be uploaded very shortly. 
Below is our audience feedback : 

  • Members of our class said we had zero camera movement so this could be improved in our re-shoot of performance
  • We need to re-rip MP3 and re-lay audio track 
  • We could start with a group shot and then individually introduce members of the band.
  • For our mirror shot for the narrative, we could maybe play around with layering. 
  • Opening scene is maybe a bit to long for the narrative so cut this down a little bit.
  • Overall we need faster paced editing, maybe some jump cuts.
  • Bed shot - Multilayering and fade Sophie out.
  • Additional behind the scenes footage of the band. 
  • Costumes more together, more white colours - white t-shirts etc, bringing the group together more by having them wear the same things. 
  • Simple Choreography for the boyband.
  • Dont introduce boyband straight away.
  • Dont need all of the shots of the main boy in narrative.
  • More signifiers of relationship needed for the narrative in misc-en-scene.
  • For the narrative we could have Car Keys - bottle of drink to signify guilt maybe? 
  • Ducks and bread for a romantic scene in narrative.
  • Do want some skin showing, not just buttoned up.
Over all we have taken this feedback into consideration and are organising a re-shoot, we know this is cutting it fine so we are trying our best to get this done soon as possible. We were supposed to film on friday however due to other commitments our band members were not able to take part meaning our filming was cancelled. 

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