Monday, 30 April 2012

Evaluation Q1 - In What Ways Does Your Product Use, Develop or Challenge Forms And Conventions Of Real Media Products ?

Due to difficulties the beginning of my Typical Conventions Of Music Video has been cut of the beginning of the video.

The Beginning Of My Typical Conventions Used In Music Video Are :

  • Layering is often used in Music Video, this is often used a very good effect, mainly when trying to portray either flashbacks or multiple people in one shot an example of this is Pass Out by - Tini Tempah. 
  • There are often 3 types of Music Video, this was introduced by Goodwins Theory : Narrative is where the lyrics to the songs directly linked to what we see on the screen. Performance is where the artist or band are performing in the video, although it doesn't always have to be the artist in particular singing in the video, it could be an actor or an actress lip syncing, an example of this is Nickelback ( Rockstar ). 

  • Another type is concept, this is where the video does not relate to lyrics in any way. 
In most videos though, there is normally a mix between at least two of the types of music video, an example of a mix between narrative and performance is Professor Green Featuring Emelie Sande - Read All About It. The video cuts between shots of performance in abandoned warehouse and narrative, where we have shots of him as a young boy and we see his relationship with his family and his dad, which is a direct link to the lyrics. 
  • Shot variation is often used, in order to keep the audience interested.
  • Different locations are often used, however an example of where this is challenged is Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song. 

  • Linear and Non Linear concepts are often common conventions, and so are titles and various special effects.

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