Friday, 2 March 2012

MA - N'SYNC Magazine Examples

MA-NSYNC Magazine Covers

It has been quite hard to find magazine adverts online for NSYNC.
Im not really sure why this is but i think it may be because they broke up in 2002.
However i have found a few magazine covers. 
I think these will help us when looking for ideas for our magazine advert. Here are some examples.

As you can see there some common aspects in these pictures. 
For example the members of NSYNC all wear clothing that ties in together. 
This was very common of the 'boyband' era. 
Also they all pose together, they are not about looking individual.
 Another point is that even though Justin Timberlake is clearly the lead singer 
(this became more obvious in the later NSYNC songs) 
he is not standing in the front in every picture, nobody is made to stand out. 

We want to use these examples to influence our own image for our mag ad.
We want to use the idea of having the band pose as a close group. 
It was said in our feedback of our first performance footage that the band should be wearing more 
similar clothing to help create a cohesive image.

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  1. good egs + good analysis, tho wud be better presented if you used the caption tool for images ... or a vodcast!!!


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