Friday, 2 March 2012

EF - Cast Update

This is just a basic update on cast to my previous post. In my previous post i mentioned we had to change the cast, due to our re-filming and other commitments original members could not participate anymore. We recently had 2 new members and were looking for a 3rd new member, we have now recruited our new member and new band!... Finally!! 

Our new band consists of Keiran Mitchell, Jem Whitehead , Temour Ahmed who is an original band member and finally our newest recruit George Gamble who is a fellow media student, so knows the time urgency we need to complete this. Jem Whitehead was also in a Boy band last year for previous media students Emmie and Megan who did a Backstreet Boys track .. "As Long As You Love Me" so Jem is probably the most experienced member of our band, he is also a previous media student from last year. These members now make up the new generation of N'SYNC!!!. 

So now we have our new band after many difficulties we are filming our new performance footage Monday, and we are hoping this will be our final shoot and then we can work our hardest to edit all the way though to the end without re-shoots. 

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