Friday, 16 March 2012

EF - Planning Evaluation Q2


  • Titles of Digi Pak and Mag Ad link together - "New Generation"
  • Older teenage audience due to the 'new generation' of N'sync and time period
  • Bottle of whisky from music video is included in the inside of the Digipak and flowers also included linking our narrative to the digipak
  • Locations of pictures took for mag ad and digipak are similar to the locations in the video as we took them on set.
  • Maybe have sophie in the Digipak, in our inside
  • same clothes have been worn in pictures and video.

  • Digipak is in black and white, where as the mag ad will be in colour 
  • The narrative is not included in the mag ad \
  • Style of the font used for digipak and mag ad are not the same 
  • Black font colour on the Digipak and White on the mad ad
  • some of the locations are different 

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