Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ef - Animatic Audience Feedback

After screening our animatic to the class we were given some important feedback in order to help us improve our idea and filming schedule. 

  • For our first scene of our lead boy in his bed with a black and white effect, we were given the idea to change this scene and instead have a variety of shots of him in the bed and then cut to one without her, to signify his memories more. 
  • We were then told that when the Lead boy is getting changed to have him going through his draws and find some of the girls clothes. 
  • We could also have scenes of just hand holding where the we have a shot of the girl holding his hand. 
  • We could also instead of using the black and white effect use fade in's to bring the girl into the equation. 
  • When trying on the clothes in one flashback, we could use an item of clothing to start the scene before the flashback. We then have the lead boy find the item of clothing for example a t-shirt , we then fade the the flashback, of the girl trying this item of clothing on. 
  • For the performance we have been told to try use a more variety of location, maybe a park, moors, the tarn around the moors etc. 
  • Try not to use the house for all the narrative as it may become boring, maybe do it as though we are following his day. 
  • Cut more between performance and narrative. 
  • For the graveyard scene we could have the camera far away from graveyard and then have the boy walking into the shot. Then either fade out or pan up. 
  • Also we could leave our ending polysemic, and not use an invite to a funeral. 
  • We could have some behind the scene footage for some more boyband shows, or just the boys messing around. 
  • Record more lipsyncing of some lines in same location for more shots to try avoid re-shoots. 

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