Monday, 2 January 2012


An animatic is a moving storyboard or an animated video storyboard, with shot by shot sequences of what we what our music video to look like. We drew the storyboard, and included the timings of the shot and a note form description of what the audience should expect to see happening in this certain shot.
In the past, animatics have benn most commonly used for a host of production and marketing-related applications, such as commercials, sales pitches, special effects previews, bumpers, market testing, promos, show opens. However, with the real-time availability of production animatics, we're using them in features, TV series and commercial production work as well. - Source - Storyboards-east  
We then recorded ourselves for the voice over explaining each shot vocally in more depth and detail, to do this we used a voice recorder provided by school. After completing this we then scanned in our storyboard and put the shots into order on final cut, where we then edited our animatic and included our track in the background.

Below is our Animatic :

Untitled from Melodie Abraham on Vimeo.

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